Custom Colored Hair

Custom Colored Hair Extensions

custom colored hair extensions

If you have been looking for the hair extensions of your wildest dreams and fantasies then you have come to the right place! Our custom colored hair extensions are made of high quality, 100% remy human hair. You have your choice of a set of clip in remy hair extensions or wefted remy hair bundles. Either option can be colored any way that you want your extensions. This can include a solid color, stripes of color, ombre, or dip dye hair. We are masters of color, and have created our own line of custom hair dyes. Any color we don’t readily have, can easily be mixed and created specifically for your remy hair extensions!

Upon checkout, you can choose the weight and length. The options are as follows:

100 Grams | 18″ , 100 Grams | 20″ , 160 Grams | 22″ , 220 Grams | 24″, and 220 Grams | 26″

The lengths and weights of our custom colored hair extensions are based upon our professional opinion of what makes a full and voluminous set at each length, but feel free to contact us for a different selection!

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order remy hair extensions


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